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Invitational card
Изменение стоимости участия в выставке "Агропром-2018"
Приказ о изменении стоимости участия в Национальной выставке агротехнологий "Агропром 2018"


Изменение сроков проведения и стоимости участия
Приказ о изменении сроков проведения и стоимости участия в Международной специализированной выставке промышленного оборудования, металлообработки и литья "Машпром" "ЛитЭкс"


«Машпром тм» и «ЛитЭкс тм» расширяет границы! Впервые в Киеве!
Спешим сообщить, что началась активная подготовка к Международной специализированой выставке промышленного оборудования, металлообработки и литья.


Изменение места проведения выставки «Фасад»
Приказ о изменении места проведения Национальной выставки энергоэффективного строительства и ландшафтного дизайна «Фасад»


В новый год с новыми идеями на выставке «Агропром-2016»!
Национальная выставка агротехнологий «Агропром-2016» с 17 по 19 февраля с успехом прошла в г.Запорожье в ВК «Козак Палац».


Welcome to official site of Exhibition company
Expo-center «METEOR»!


In view of the world tendencies, we ensure a stable business growth of our clients. Due to the orientation in innovations, changes in the market and also be ahead of the customer expectations, we create an international ground for the development of business relationships. We are a reliable partner of the exhibition services and bringing bridges between East and West together. Our exhibitions are your way to the world of infinite possibilities!
We are situated in Dnepropetrovsk – “industrial heart” of Ukraine. We organize national and international exhibitions in Ukraine. Since 2006 we have been a member of the Global association of the exhibition industry (UFI).

our projects are presented in the markets of architecture and construction, industrial power, mechanical engineering and metal working, foundry, agro technologies, the beauty industry. We also have experience in the organization of furniture, automobile, advertising and book exhibitions and fairs.

Moreover, we allow a number of services connected with exhibition activity. 
For example, we can make the stand, design and construct any exposition, give the trading-exhibition equipment in rent, organize participation of any exhibitor in domestic or foreign exhibitions and fairs.

Expo-center "Meteor" is dynamically developing exhibition company, from the day of foundation defends basic principles which express spirit, philosophy and the business methods that are strengthening our relations with clients, partners and employees.
Development. Our company is aimed at constant development and self-improvement. We apply modern techniques in marketing, in the sales, in personnel training.

Values. Trust and openness are basis of mutual relations in our company. Daily these qualities help to build and develop our business.

Partners. With our partners we build relations on the basis of honesty, responsibility and mutual benefit.

Clients. We reveal and we aspire to satisfy requirements of our clients. «Attention, reliability, quality, results for each client!» is the main slogan of the company.

Personnel. It is a basis of success of our company. We care of development and self-realization of each employee. We encourage the creative initiative and honest work. We see to it that heads are competent, and their decisions are fair and ethic. We bring up corporate spirit for purpose achievement.

National economy. We bring the weighty contribution to country development: we favour the development of perspective branches of industry, create jobs, raise culture of society, favour the development of scientific thought.

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